I'm a Chinese-Korean, 20-something-year-old born in Japan, raised in Shanghai, and now working in Boston as a product marketing specialist. 


I'm an advocate for mental health awareness, intersectional feminism, spirituality, and sexual assault/domestic abuse survivors. Oh, and I also have an unhealthy obsession with my cat Tibby (as pictured).


I never shy away from difficult topics, and my greatest joy in life is helping other people and their emotional wellbeing. 

Hi! I'm Maya (aka the disembodied voice from that podcast you've been listening to!)


It all started with a tattoo...

Untitled design (3)_edited.jpg

Back in 2016, I got my first ever tattoo: the Japanese characters for kintsugi, an art form where you mend broken pottery shards using golden lacquer so that the cracks show through. 

It felt so fitting at that time (and it still does), because for most of my life I struggled a lot with accepting all the "bad" things I went through, whether it was an eating disorder, addiction, sexual assault, losing my mom to cancer, or battling depression, abuse trauma, and anxiety. I wanted a permanent reminder on my body of human resilience and the ability to piece ourselves together after tragedy.

It was only when I realized that everything happens for a reason, and it's precisely these things that have turned me into the resilient badass woman I am today, that my life began REALLY turning around. And I'm hoping by sharing my moments of brokenness and of light, that I can help change the lives of my listeners too.



Kintsugi is the idea of embracing our imperfections and even taking pride in them. 

We are all broken in one way or the other, and loving our collective and individual brokenness is the first step to healing. 

Kintsugi reminds me to practice compassion for myself and others and to advocate this philosophy in all that I do.
I hope you'll find solace and inspiration in this concept.